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Club History

The New Virginians started in the early 1970s as a Welcome Wagon Club.  In April 1974 the club voted to change their name and drop their affiliation with Welcome Wagon.  Several names for the club were considered and in May 1974 they voted to become the New Virginians.

Also in that year, a local journal described the club as an organization whose purpose is to help each member make new friends and to learn more about their new city.

Originally, membership was limited to three years, but members wanted to stay longer, and the time limitation was eventually dropped. Over the years, membership has continued to grow. For many years, we held  open enrollment periods each year for women who are not new to the area. We eventually dropped that requirement as we found our blend of those who know the area well and those who are new to greater Richmond promotes sharing and sparks new friendships.

Today when we use the term “New Virginians,” we mean “new” in a broader, more inclusive way!  You may be new to retirement, new to an empty nest, new to being “single” or just wanting new friends and new things to do!  And of course, new to the area still counts and will continue to be a focus of our Club!

Interest Groups and Philanthropy provide New Virginians with a wide variety of smaller group activities. Whether continuing a hobby or trying something new, Interest Groups reflect the many diverse talents and passions of our membership.